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'The Church Builder' by A.L. Shields

This is the first A. L. Shields book I’ve read and Oh, boy! Picture a cross (for you series-buffs) between Scandal and Prison Break, but in book-form; that’s what The Church Builder is. I could not put it down! I felt like I was watching everything play out before my eyes as I read.

The Church Builder is the first book in a series by Shields which tells the story of good verses evil, in the form of two secret 'cults'; The Garden and The Wilderness, respectively. An innocent small-town lawyer, Bethany Barclay, gets caught in the battle as she tries to retrace the path that led to the mysterious death of her best friend, Annabelle.

Shields writing grabs you by the throat and forces your attention. His words paint compelling pictures and you feel like you are right in there with Bethany as she darts through underground tunnels. And let's not forget the twists and turns; at several points in the book my jaw literally hung open! It is a ravishing read and I am desperately searching for the sequel to the book. It was too good!

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