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'News From Home' by Sefi Atta

In News from Home, Atta showcases what, to me, is her finest work.

In the collection of ten short stories, we meet funny, engaging, some down-on-their-luck, characters and Sefi is deftly able to narrate the tales of illegal immigration, extra-marital affairs, homosexuality, religion, romance in a way that keeps you immersed in the literature.

We meet characters living in Zamfara, in Mississippi, in London, and in between. Already, I loved Atta, after reading three of her other novels (reviewed below) – but now, now truly I’m head over heels. My favourite story has to be Yahoo Yahoo, told through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy called Idowu, whose parents are quirky and rife with emotional baggage. What Atta gives you are human characters that will make you laugh and sigh.

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