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'Bridge to Haven' by Francine Rivers

This is the second book I've read written by Rivers. Rivers doesn't write a genre I would typically go out of my way to search for -- Christian, Inspirational -- but I have thoroughly enjoyed both books (the first being Redeeming Love) and found them, at times, difficult to put down.

Bridge to Haven tells the tale of Abra, a girl abandoned at birth by her mother under the Haven Bridge in the middle of winter. She struggled all her life to feel loved and accepted by her foster family (which is kind of understandable when your mum attempts to kill you upon arrival). A rebel at heart, she eventually followed her heart and ran away, ending up in Hollywood, but still feeling empty and alone. Does Abra find her way back to Haven and back to God? You'll have to read it yourself to find out!

I have always found Rivers' writing compelling because she pulls you right into the action -- in fact, from the beginning of the book, I began to feel for Abra, fearing that she would make wrong decisions and end up in trouble. Rivers has a way of making you feel emotionally attached to her characters, which honestly is the recipe for excellent writing.

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