As a CCAP (Canadian Certified Administrative Professional), and an upstanding member of the Association of Administrative Professionals, I help small- and medium-sized businesses establish and streamline their processes and working methods.

My clients range from musicians to event planners to interior designers. Regardless of the industry, I have consistently been able to:

  1. Streamline processes so that unnecessary steps or activities that drain energy and cause frustration are done away with

  2. Help clients find what they need when they need it

  3. Help clients communicate with their target audience.


My services include:

  • Administration:​​

    • Electronic document filing & organization​

    • Email management

    • CRM

    • Team communications

    • Document creation

    • Workflow breakdowns / Process flowcharts

  • Graphics design

  • Content development:

    • Copywriting

    • Proofreading

    • Copyediting

    • Newsletters 

  • Website content management:

    • Wix

    • Webflow​

    • WordPress

  • Online course content management:​

    • Thinkific​

    • Passion